Motor Insurance

Now you can find a great deal on car insurance with just one call, saving you the hassle of ploughing through price comparison websites and having to give your details to a number of companies.

With just one call, our experts can source a competitive policy bespoke to your needs. This might include uninsured loss recovery, recovery after theft or vandalism, a like-for-like courtesy car, cover for breakage/damage to glass, credit repairs, legal representation, cover for personal effects in your car, and much more.

And there is a 24-hour Motor Assist helpline available, whenever you need to make a claim.

Relevant exclusions:

  • Tools or business supplies, which aren’t covered under personal belongings.
  • Most insurers will only give you 60 days EU cover with one policy term.
  • Courtesy vehicles are only available if your vehicle is repairable after an accident or incident.

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