Commercial Property Insurance

Our experts have provided unique property owners insurance for many years.

Owners of properties, whether occupied by a commercial or residential tenant, must ensure they protect their property portfolios with adequate insurance protection.

We are comfortable dealing with management companies or managing agents, and are also happy to coordinate with any third parties – such as solicitors, letting agents, freeholders or tenants – in order to provide a high-quality professional service.

Property Owners Insurance is often purchased purely on premium. While we understand this is obviously very important, cover is so often overlooked.  There are many areas that need to be carefully examined when cover is being arranged – after all, the protection of your property is paramount.

Things to consider when preparing your Property Owners Insurance:

  • Ensure your re-building cost is correct – If this is incorrect, your insurance will be subject to average and you could be faced with paying out to reinstate some of your property at your own expense.
  • Listed and heritage properties – Make sure insurers are aware and check your sums insured. Listed properties can be very expensive to reinstate, and the time involved in reconstruction can be long. Make sure if you have tenants, the correct loss of rent period is covered.
  • Day-one provision – Insurers will normally allow a day one plus 15/25/35% uplift. In the event of a claim, the sum insured is automatically uplifted to allow for inflation and increased re-building costs.
  • Ensure you have included a loss of rent provision if tenants occupy the premises.

We are able to place cover on any of the following:

If you have a property which falls outside this, please contact us as we may still be able to assist.

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