Career Ending hints and tips


‘On and off the pitch’

Career ending insurance we can offer will cover you no matter where you suffer the injury. Whether that is while you are competing at the highest levels or whether you are the victim of an accident.Remember your bodies are everything. Protect it like you would with anything important in life.



Like anyone in life what you earn is a private part of your present and future. We offer complete privacy when dealing with your career ending quote which extends to how we use information like your earnings. A large part of making sure you are correctly covered is making sure the cover matches up with how much you earn. Remember this is only for basic salary. No bonuses. You are paid what you are worth and work hard for it. We respect this and you.


Plan for the future

No- one ever wants you to have to use this cover but planning what cover you need is very important. Depending on what country you craft your trade in, to what sport you actually compete in. Some of you may negotiate with your club a certain amount of security but in some cases this will not cover long term financial aspirations and expectations. Plan you life and find out how to make this insurance work for you.

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